Singapore / Hong Kong Day 6

On our way to Hong Kong

Today was a travel day which meant getting up early, packing and moving our butts to the airport. Getting to the airport by train was super easy in Singapore so we arrived with plenty of time and got through bag drop and immigration really fast. Surprisingly Singapore also has plants and orchids growing inside the airport. We watched the gardener fixing the leaves and moving rocks. The Singaporeans are really master gardeners.

We decided to get Starbucks and some Pork jerky for breakfast and relaxed at the airport waiting for our flight.

The flight itself was alright we arrived to a rainy and foggy Hong Kong. We had a delicious lunch at the airport then took the train to our hotel. The airport train has a progress bar so you know exactly where you are.

We made it to the hotel and I giggled at the contrasts between to the 2 cities. Where Singapore was humid, clean and organized. Hong Kong is cold, dirty and chaotic, don’t get me wrong I absolutely adore Hong Kong but it is a very different experience.

Having been here before we decided to go Transformers shopping. We headed out to a few shops we knew and In’s Point. Sadly Inn’s point has lost a lot of there stalls which is really disappointing. We got 1 transformer and have a few shops we need to return to tomorrow.