Singapore / Hong Kong Day 7

Adventuring in the streets of Kowloon

It was up and ready early to make our way to meet up with our Free Walking tour at the clock tower in Kowloon. The tour was done by freewalkshk. We got out of the station and realised that we were in the area we stayed last time. Excited we headed off to a breakfast place we knew and I got a hot/cold ovalatine which was my favourite thing from here.

Full we wandered over to the clock tower to meet our guide. Our guide for this morning was named Chris. He was a 21 year old University student who has lived in Hong kong forever. He took us to the water front and explained some of the history and fengshui of the city. He told us that the bank of China building put one of it points facing HSBC which is bad Fengshui. HSBC’s stocks fell by 10% over that time so HSBC had to fix the FengShui. To complete this HSBC now have 2 cannons on their roof facing the Bank of China. Apparently the stocks rose back up.

We then wandered off the Harbour to look at the best hotel in Hong Kong. This is where all the celebrities and Jackie Chan stay when they are in Hong Kong. It was pretty impressive. He also explained to us why there are 2 lions at the doors of banks and important buildings. There is also always a male lion (right foot on a ball) and a female (left foot on a cub), The 2 lions are to guard against negative energy and only let good energy in.

He then took us off the beaten path to some local food store. We got some Sausage and found a tea place that does bubble cup without Sugar. We were pretty excited.

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We wandered through the streets and found our way into back Alley and into a Taoist Temple. We would not have even known it was there if Chris hadn’t shown us. It was a temple dedicated to love and relationships. He explained how prayer works and how everything is done by 3’s. Then he explained what the little red orange slices are for. I had been wondering what they were after our visit to a Taoist temple in Taiwan. They use them after praying to see if their prayers have been answered.

From the temple we detoured past the temporary market and Chris explained that the market was a chance for the war veterans to work and make a living running their own business. Now however this cannot be passed on to their children and in about 15 years these markets will not exist at all.

For the end of the tour Chris took us to a random car park and promised us this was his favourite spot. After walking through the car park we were greeted with a beautiful unobstructed view of Victoria Harbour. Definitely only a spot a local knows. We ended the tour here. Chris was amazing and the tour was well worth the time.

After the tour we headed back Transformers shopping where I watched Anthony spend all our money. He got 4 masterpiece transformers.

I had booked a surprise for Anthony tonight so we headed down to the docks to join the evening Aqualuna tour. These are beautiful boats that do tours of Victoria Harbour. We got on got our free drink and relaxed and enjoyed the sun setting over HongKong.

We then stayed and watched Hong Kong’s night light show. It was alright.

We then decided to have a cheat meal and went and got Yum cha for dinner. It was super delicious.