Japan Day 10

A short trip to Himeji

Today we had a small change in group members. Tristan and Shannah joined us for a day trip out to Himeji Castle. We stopped at Kyoto station for some breakfast before jumping on the bullet train to head to Himeji.

Himeji is a really pretty town with the castle looming over the top, We explored the street and played in an arcade for a while before heading to the castle.

We did a bit of exploring of the castle and made it up to near the top when I looked at Anth and realised he wasnt doing well in the heat. He had aches and pains and the heat was making it worse. So I decided to head back to the hotel so he could rest it out. We didnt do much out for the afternoon. While Anthony slept off whatever he has I went out for dinner with the rest of the group.