Japan Day 11

Beautiful Miyajima

Happy Birthday Dani!!! Today Dani turned 28 and we were off to Miyajima one of the most beautiful islands in Japan. We had changed groups a bit today we headed off with Chris, Joe, Karen, Drew and Dani. Brad and Alysha were coming too but they had to run back to get their JR passes so they were a bit behind us.

We jumped on the bullet train to Shin Osaka and then swapped to a bullet train to Hiroshima. We relaxed and enjoyed the 3 hour transport across to the island. We had to take a local train and a boat too but it was all part of JR pass.

The boat ride was the first time we got to see Miyajima Island. Last time we were here is was pitch black and we didn’t get to see the actually island from a distance. The island is so mountainous and beautiful.

When we arrived on the island we spent a lot of time playing and watching the deer. Anthony saved my JR rail pass from a deer that wanted a very expensive snack. Unlike Nara you are not allowed to feed these deer. That does not stop them trying to get in your bags to find food or paper to eat.

We stopped to have lunch at one of the local restaurants which was good. Then headed down the shopping street towards the big shrine. We paid and walked through the beautiful red buildings. Joe stopped us to do some photo fun which was great.

We headed from the temple and shrines along another shopping strip and up towards the cable car. The walk was really pretty. It was so nice just strolling and taking our time.

Next it was a trip up the cable car to the stunning Mount Misen. The view was amazing. We did a bit of a walk around at the top.

Drew and Dani had to make there way back to Kyoto so we came down the mountain with them and waited for the others and did some shopping. We bought Sake cups, mugs and got some chopsticks engraved. I love Miyajima so much.

Shopped out we were all back on the boat while the sun set over Miyajima. It was such a great day. We took the bullet train back and are getting ready for the huge wedding day tomorrow.