Japan Day 13

On to Oooosaka!

After an amazing and late night last night it was hard to get up. We had to check out at 10am and we literally just made it. We headed in to Kyoto Station with our luggage and put them away in lockers so we could get some food. We settled for Omnirice which was alright.

Anthony and I left the other as we had to get to Osaka to do our first food making course. So we grabbed our luggage and took 2 trains to get from Kyoto to Osaka. We are staying at WBF Namba Ebisu which is where we stayed last time so it was nice to actually have a rough idea where we were going.

We dropped off our bags and heading into Denden town to get to our food making course. This area is always interesting so we had a quick look around.

We made it to the pocket design studio in Osaka. They had a giant fake chicken leg out the front that got Anthony giggling. We went in to make our first fake food which was Takoyaki. We had to do various layers of painting, putting fake onion and ginger on and then doing the toppings. It was really fun. The girl who helped us do it was great.

We went for a walk after we were done to wait for Drew. Drew and Dani were meant to be coming with us but Dani was pretty under the weather. Drew still came and before we knew it we were back in Design Pocket making plastic sushi. This was a little harden but just as fun.

We headed back to the hotel to check in, have a relax and pick up a couple of others to go back out. With more people we headed through Denden town and up to Dontonbori.

We went to this Ramen joint that is one of the best in Osaka and the ramen was beautiful. We had to line up for a while but it was worth it. We spent the rest of the night looking around Osaka and enjoying our time out.