Japan Day 14


Today in Osaka all groups split up to do a variety of things. Anthony and I spent most of the day by ourselves which was actually quite nice after being with people for 2 full weeks. I decided I wanted to go to the Osaka Aquarium as we missed it last time. After a few false starts and taking the wrong train 3 times we finally made it to Osaka Aquarium.

The are around the aquarium is pretty cool. There is a huge ferris wheel and a whole shopping complex. We booked our tickets on klook so we got to head straight to the entrance. The aquarium is huge and goes over multiple floors.

We spent ages looking at all the tanks there were heaps of fish, seals, penguins and jellyfish. However the highlights were the dolphins who were in this huge tank and had all these toys that they were playing with and throwing around like a puppy with chew toys. I could have watched them forever. I loved them.

After I dragged myself away from the dolphins we also got to see the aquariums biggest residents the 2 huge whale sharks. They were soo cool. They swam so slowly around the tank. Overall I really enjoyed the aquarium it was amazing.

We had some quick snack to eat before jumping back on the train to head to Shitennoji Temple. We came here a year ago but everything was shut due to the typhoon so i couldn’t get my temple stamp. So we headed to grab that. We then decided on an finding a good Okonomyaki Shop. We found one on google that was amazing. Filled we wandered back to the hotel.

At about 5:30pm we headed back out to try and get to Izakaya Toyo. A netflix/youtube famous food store. We made it and joined the long line. The food was very nice and it was a great local experience.

We made our way back to the hotel and stopped for a quick browse in the disney store. It was a great day. Off to Kobe tomorrow.