Japan Day 15

Kobe Steak - Take 2

Today it was KOBE day. Which meant at some point I got to have the most delicious steak in the whole world. We started the day by heading into Kobe. Tristan and Shannah went a different way to pick up Sue and eventually we all met up in front of the Herb Garden Ropeway.

There is a cable car that goes up to the top of the herb garden. It has the most beautiful view out over Kobe. You can also see waterfalls, the dam and also a whole lot of garden underneath. It was a very pleasant view.

We arrived at the top station of the herb garden and the view was so pretty. There was a cat sitting up on the ledge just looking at the world. We gave him a good pat as he was cute.

The top section of the Herb garden has lots of food, souvenir shops and a fragrance museum. We spent a little bit of time smelling the herb mixes before starting our hike down through the herb garden.

We saw so many pretty things as we walked down through the garden. We saw humming birds, flower and vegetables and herbs. This place was sooo pretty. We spent ages looking at all the different places.

We made it down the glasshouses and explored. There was this herbal foot bath that we ended up all sitting in for a bit. It was so nice. After about 10 minutes soaking our feet it was time to head down the cable car to get our lunch.

We headed to Tor Road Steak Aoyama for lunch. We were here last time about a year ago. It was just as amazing as last time. The A5 Kobe beef was just melt in your mouth. We bought the chef a present from Australia and I think he liked it. If you are ever in Kobe i cannot recommend this place enough.

After Kobe we headed to Umeda to catch the sunset but the line was huge. We ended up taking some photos around Umeda before heading back to the hotel.

After a rest we headed ti Kura Sushi. It was a sushi train where you could also win gatchapon with a game every time you ate 5 plates. It was really cool. We were in Tsutenkaku so I took some photos around the area. This area is sooo cool. We have to leave Osaka tomorrow and I am sad. I love this city.