Japan Day 16

Travel Day to Tokyo

Today was another travel day. This time it was from Osaka all the way to Tokyo on the bullet train. We checked out from the hotel at 10 and all wandered off in different directions. Anth, Lobada, Tim and I stopped for a quick coffee in Tully’s and then hit up denden town to attempt to find some last minute switch accessories. It was so hot today so after a while we headed back to the hotel to wait for the others.

When 12 hit we were all ready to go. We grabbed our bags and headed to the Bullet Train station. We sent Anthony and Drew into the ticket office to see if they could reserve seats. We crossed our fingers as hoping to get seats on the unreserved cars would not have been easy and standing for 3 hours would have been terrible. Drew and Anth succeeded and we set about preparing all the bento boxes and food we could carry for the train ride.

The train ride was uneventfully and in 2 and a half hours we found our way to Tokyo. Changed trains about 1 million times and made our way to Asakusa. We checked into our very nice hotel. Even better that we prepayed the hotel in qantas points and then headed for a quick rest.

Later that night some of us headed out to Akihabara. Anthony, Karen and I went to a specialized keyboard place before meeting up with the other in Electric Town. We went to Go go curry which is Anthony’s favourite curry and the man tried so hard to kick everyone out so that the 7 of us could sit at the bar. It was a lovely dinner.

We headed to the shops to look for switch controllers. They shops here are amazing and we spent a lot of time looking. In the end Anthony settled on getting the Japanese version of link to the past which supports English language and an Amibo. It is pretty cool.

We joined the others at an arcade. I won a stitch toy and then i helped Sue to win an anime figure she wanted. Yay. It was so much fun.