Japan Day 17

Tokyo Disneyland

I woke up like it was Christmas morning as today we were headed back to Disneyland. We were last here 4 years ago and Anthony proposed so I was excited to go back. I will see last time we were it also snowed so that was much more pleasant then the 30 degrees it would be today. We took 4 train transfers to make it to Disneyland. Even with 4 train changes it only took 45 min to reach the park. We sent our bag to the Miracosta Hotel from the welcome centre. Organised our park tickets and at last we were ready to enter the park.

The main goal for Disneyland was to get onto Haunted Mansion and luckily for us when we arrived we were able to get a fastpass to get on the ride straight away. The haunted mansion has a Nightmare before Christmas overlay for Halloween. It was a really good ride and the ghosts in it were cool. I will say I still much prefer Mystic Manor which is Hong Kong’s version of this. With the first goal completed it was time to explore the rest of the park.

We headed across into Tomorrow land to get some breakfast. We got Green Alien Motchi which are the most delicious things you can eat and some Halloween pumpkin cake. It was all very delicious.

We then went onto Star tours which is always good and did some wandering around the shops. I bought a few things and I got my ears for this trip. I chose fancy rainbow this time. :)

We then headed into the pirate area to get ready for lunch. We bumped into a pirate band which were amazing. We watched for a while before deciding to ride Pirates of the Caribbean. We would be having lunch in the restaurant that overlooks this attraction so we thought it would be appropriate to ride it first.

I had prebooked lunch at this fancy little restaurant called the Blue Bayou. The restaurant is set in the pirate town on the bayou and is actually part of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. It is all lit with candles and lanterns and is absolutely stunning. We had the most gorgeous Japanese sever who has been working at Disneyland for 15 years. She asked if we had been here before. And I said it was our 3rd time at Tokyo Disneyland but first time at this restaurant. Second later she comes back with a sticker saying First visit to Blue Bayou. She was amazing as was all the food we got. It’s was a 3 course meal and man it was delicious. Anthony got lobster tail and beef. I got chicken as my main. The pecan pie for dessert was amazing. It was overall one of the best things we could have done.

After lunch we had a little bit of time to explore the park before we were due to check in at the Miracosta hotel at Disneysea. We ended up riding the Mark Twain River Boat which was very nice. Our last stop was into the 3D show and then we made our way across to Disneysea.

We hit a couple of issues at the Miracosta. I will be honest we were paying a fortune to stay here one night. It is the only hotel inside a Disney Park and we were super excited. The hotel is stunning but the room we payed for was meant to have a nice park view instead we got a view of the pool. We were disappointed as it was not what we had expected to pay for. The hotel was still beautiful but we felt like we had wasted a lot more money then we should of. Regardless it was into Disneysea for the rest of tonight.

We spent some time taking some photos around the park. While we headed across to the Teddy Roosevelt lounge. This lounge is inside the S.S Columbia which a huge proper sized replica ship. This place was stunning. We got a small meal to share and a drink in a collectible glass and sat back an enjoyed the lounge.

We rode Sinbad and 20000 leagues under the sea and decided to call it a night. Our feet were killing us. I did some walking around in the hotel after the park had closed and got to see them testing a new barge for a show later in the year. It was a mostly great day.