Japan Day 18

Tokyo Disneysea

It was the best nights sleep ever must of been because we slept all night inside the park!!!! It actually was the most comfortable nights sleep ever. We awoke just before park opening as staying in the hotel we got 15 minutes early access. Disneysea has a brand new ride called Soaring. The line for it has been 190 minutes so our aim was to get fast passes and get in the standby line. We succeeded and the theming of this ride was amazing and well worth getting on the ride.

We went back into the hotel passing by Drew, Dani, Karen, Jed and Sue. We showered and checked out and headed to enjoy the rest of the day at Disneysea. We headed to Tower of Terror to get fastpasses. After grabbing a hotdog we decided to jump in the tower of terror line anyway. I forgot how freaking scary this ride is. I think Anthony has finger marks in his leg from this ride. It is the story of Harry Hightower who brings an idol back from Africa called Shiriki. The idol comes to life and kills Hightower and then attempts to murder the guests :)

After this ride it was time for our super fancy lunch. We had booked into Magellan’s for lunch which is the premium, hard to get in to restaurant at Disneysea. It is in Fortress Explorations which is set in old Italy style. What can i say about this meal it was amazing. The venue is beautiful we got seated in the secret room which is hidden behind a book shelf and the food was the best I have every had. I am so glad we splurged on this as man it was worth it.

We then met up with the others. We rode Aquatopia, The tea cup ride in Mermaid Lagoon and then we had to run back to do the Tower of Terror for the second time.

We made it just in time to see the Halloween show at Disneysea. It was really good. The costumes were amazing and watching the crowd dance in time with the performers was cool. I lobe the music that went with this too.

After coffee and a rest we hit up lots of rides really quickly. We did 20000 leagues and then raging spirits. We then discovered single rider lines and walked straight onto Raging Spirits again and Indiana Jones. Then we did Finding Nemo. It was so much fun!

It was time for the night show and i decided not to take pictures and enjoy the show. We also got Halloween fireworks. Both great!! We took Dani and Karen onto soaring as our last ride which was the most amazing way to end the day. It was so late and we were exhausted so it was time to head to the hotel. Get 7/11 food and crash into bed. What a great day.