Taiwan Day 8

Cat-astropy in Taiwan

It was a tough night but I woke up feeling a little better. We were meant to go to Yeliu Geopark but decided against it as it involved a one Hour bus ride which was way too long without a toilet for me. After a couple of quick decisions we decided to head into Ximending to head to The Red House.

The Red House was constructed in 1908 as the first government market in Taiwan. Since then it has gone through a few functions but it is now used to house local art and craft vendors. We headed across and explored the shops. They had really cool unique stuff things made out of circuit boards, a science shop etc.. However Rob managed to find some cat shops and they sold very very cute cat things. Needless to say we spent a lot of time at 2 of the stores and then one of the stores didn’t have the tshirts he wanted. The lovely lady called the other branch of cat shop and it turned out they had it. We promised Rob we could go and find it.

We went into Ximending to find Anthony some hot star chicken. The line was big. While we were there we also saw the line for the gold foil bubble tea and when I saw it was a long line it was about 35m line for the tea possibly more. Anthony enjoyed his hot star and then it was off to find the other branch for Rob.

After some walking around we found the other cat shop and were rewarded with cat t shirts for Rob. I think he did more shopping today then he has all year in Australia.

From here we took the train down to the original Din Tai Fung to book a ticket for dinner. When we got there we saw it would be a 130 min wait. We put in our booking and decided seeing as our hotel was only 15 minutes away decided to head back for a rest.

We returned back to Din Tai Fung at 7pm. We only had to wait a few minutes and we were in. We ordered lots of dumplings and they were delicious. I didn’t eat too much though as my stomach was still not 100%. After dinner we retired for the night.