Taiwan Day 9

Wulai Hotspring Town

Today we were off to Wulai. We had booked a shuttle bus from the end of the green line to a hot spring resort so travel was going to be easy. Turns out we made it just in time to catch the shuttle bus because Rob wasn’t feeling well and had slept in.

It was raining pretty hard when we arrived on the shuttle bus so it was nice to travel the 30 minutes to Wulai in a nice undercover bus. Wulai is situated in the middle of mountains so the views from the bus window were really pretty.

We arrived and checked in for our much later hot spring and then walked across Wulai to find the Log Cart. It was about a 1km walk to the log cart and we followed the beautiful river around.

The log cart was meant to take us up to the waterfall. Its a 1.6km track which back in the day was used for logging in the Wulai region. Nowadays it has been re purposed for easing the ache of tourists legs. We lined up behind a huge tour group and before we knew it we were on the tiny log cart and heading up the mountain to the waterfall.

The end of the log cart stopped in a small cute little town near the waterfall. Anthony immediately stopped for some boar sausage which is the local aboriginal dishes here. We took some pictures around the waterfall which was so big and then headed up to the cable car.

The cable car from here actually goes directly over the waterfall which is pretty amazing. The views across were stunning. The top of the cable car is the aboriginal village. It was raining solidly when we got there so we enjoyed the views up to the dam and then returned to a small cafe to wait the rain out. We had this tradition hot tea called Peach Mensona Tea and some Tofu pudding. Both of these were delicious and it was nice to watch the rain fall while we were dry.

We headed back down to the town and Anthony got some more boar meat. I tried a little of this one and it was quite nice. By then it was time to head all the way back down to the hotspring resort.

The hotspring was amazing. It was an hour in total bliss. We went to Volando Urai Private hot spring and I strongly recommended it if you are in the area.

After the hotspring we headed back into Taipei and stopped at Rahoe Street Night Market for some food. Anthony finally got to try stinky tofu. It stank really bad and but it tasted ok. We got a few other things before we made our way back to the hotel.