Taiwan Day 11

Off to Kaoshsiung

Anthony wasn’t feeling the best so it was a slower start to the day. Check out wasn’t until 12 so we took our time and headed to the High Speed Station. It was then only a 2 hour ride on the HSR to Kaohsuing.

The view down reminded me very much of Japan. Rice fields and little farm houses. It was really beautiful. If you are someone who has never been to Taiwan I strongly recommended you come. These are the most amazing things about the country.

  1. The food- They have the best food here. Night markets are the absolute best and convenience stores are great too. Plus it is very reasonably priced.
  2. The beauty of Taiwan - The country side is stunning and super easy to get to. 20 minutes on public transport and you are in nature.
  3. The people- They are so kind. We have so many people check if we are looking lost or go above or beyond to show us where something is.
  4. Lack of Western Tourists- This is the second trip where we could go literally 4 days without seeing another western person here. It feels more untouched by tourism.

We took a while to settle in to the new hotel and get some washing done before we headed out to Liuhe night market. We stopped by the light dome art installations which are pretty cool. It was all made in Italy and Germany and shipped over.

After looking at the lights we headed to the Night Market. We ate so much food. It was a really good market with lots of different options. We all thought the star of the night was surprisingly a mushroom.