Taiwan Day 12

And a Salty New Year :)

Happy New Year from Taiwan. Today we were heading to Tainan which is the original capital of Taiwan and also home to most the salt fields in Taiwan. The city has influence from the Dutch, Portuguese and Japanese.

We took a couple of trains and made it to Tainan station. From here we took a local bus out to the small town of anping. We arrived at at Anping Old Street and had a look around. There were all sorts of food, and interesting little knick knacks. We wandering through sampling lots of local delicacies

At the end of the Old street was the Anping Fort. This was where The Dutch East Indian Trading Company set up there fortress when they had control of Tawian. It was interesting to have a look around.

From here it was just a short walk to our next stop which was the anping tree house. This is an old Merchant House which has literally been taking over by huge Bayon Trees. It was actually a really interesting place to walk around. Its amazing to see nature being so forceful in reclaiming the space back.

We travelled over to the Salt Museum. There was no information in English but we saw Salts of 366 different colours. One for each day of the year. It was ok but not very exciting.

After a long day we headed back to Kaohsiung and had some Coco Ichibanya Curry. It was delicious.