Taiwan Day 13

Exploring Kaohsiung

We started today by having a local Taiwanese breakfast. We saw a place on the Flying the Nest vlog that looked good so we went there. It was called Xing Long Ju and there was a huge line of locals when we got there. We joined the line got our food and sat down. It was really good not what I would normally eat for breakfast but really nice.

We then caught an uber up to Lotus Lake. Lotus lake is home to a lot of temples and pagodas and is a nice place to look around. Our first stop were the dragon and tiger pagodas these are two seven stories pagodas connected by a zig zag bridge. Legend says if you go through the dragon’s mouth and out the tigers head you will have good luck. We wandered through the tunnels and up the pagodas the place is very beautiful.

FRom here we went for a wander to get some money out before heading the Spring and Autumn Pavillions. They commemorate the martial saint, Lord Kuan. According to local legends, Guanyin riding a dragon appeared in the clouds and instructed her followers to build a representation of her between the two pavilions which is why there is a huge dragon between the pavilion. There are also thousands of turtle on a half-moon pond in front pavilions. It was pretty amazing.

From here we went to some shops. The boys learnt some magic tricks from some Taiwanese locals and then we ubered across to the ferry terminal. We took the ferry 5 minutes across to a small island called Cinjin Island. We hired a very cool electric bike and spent the next 2 and a half hours exploring the island.

First stop was the Cave of Starlight which had nice views of the black sand beaches.

We then headed back to the light house and explored there. The views were pretty amazing.

We then headed to a small market area to get some shopping, food and drink. Driving the bike around was soo fun!!! We got to chat with some locals and have a muck around which was lovely.

We saw a couple of art installations before we were running out of time. We raced back. Anthony and Rob drive sooo fast it was like Mario kart. So funny. We got back in time and handed back our bike not before Rob nearly crashed it while parking.

We headed to Kura Sushi for sushi and gatchapon. It was yum! It has been such a good day. We finished off by having a movie night and watching Monty Python.