Taiwan Day 14

A day at Buddha School

We took the bus from the HSR station to head out to Fu guang shan. This is a Chinese Buddhist monastic order based in Taiwan that practices Humanistic Buddhism. The grounds of this place were huge and free to look around. We started in the monastery and looked around. We bumped into so many monks working there and they were all so lovely and stopped to tell us information or just for a chat.

We made it to the newest hall which holds all the scriptures of the humanitarian Buddhism sect. They were taken from the original paintings and then etched onto these huge marble walls. You have no idea the size of this building. I think there is a picture of Rob standing in the doors. We also met the nicest monk lady. She let us choose a scripture bookmark at random and then spent ages explaining how all the scriptures are literally just about being a good person. She told us about how the hall was made too and then took us for a walk to show us where to go for the tea house .

We spent the afternoon looking around the Buddhist museum. The museum has the most amazing views as in pretty. We explored the different exhibitions and had some lunch in the vegetarian restaurant. It was a really nice place to look around.

We took the bus back home and decided to stop into the bakery. Turns out you get free samples if you go int. We got to try pineapple buns, sun cakes and many others. They were delicious. We took an uber to the Japanese pancake restaurant for our last dinner. It was sooo good. Kaohsuing Arena has some really good restaurants on the 5th Floor.