South Australia - Day 3


Today was a driving day from Adelaide to Port Augusta. We checked out of our hotel in Adelaide and hit the road. After a quick coffee stop off it was a 1 hour 20 drive to our first stop Lake Bumbunga. Lake Bumbunga is a huge pink salt lake. It is in a town called Lochiel and is pretty stunning. We walked right out onto the lake to check it out. The salt goes on for ages. It felt like walking on a huge sparkly salty frozen lake as you could hear the salt moving with every step. Anthony said it sounded like thousands of tiny ants doing cheers with glasses. We took a few photos. I managed to step into a huge muddy part of the lake and then we had to clean my feet before we moved on.

We detoured off the A1 Highway to go look at something Anthony wanted to see. Apparently Tesla has their huge battery plant and wind farm out here so off we went to check it out. It was in the middle of nowhere but Anthony enjoyed it. We stopped off at a town called Crystal Brook for lunch.

Next stop was off to Mount Remarkable National Park to go hiking. We headed to alligator gorge and did the circuit. I cannot describe how beautiful the gorge was. The walls of the gorge were enormous and it was so peaceful and quiet. We also got to see a kangaroo, he was happy to stay in front of us for photos.

Exhausted we made our way to Port Augusta. We had dinner at The Western Pub and then are retiring for the night.