South Australia - Day 4

On the way to Coober Pedy

Today was a driving day from Port Augusta all the way to Coober Pedy. It was the first time we have ever been to any part of the outback in Australia so when we passed the outback sign it was pretty exciting. The first half of the drive was up to Lake Hart which took about 2 and a bit hours. We made a few stops along the way at some scenic lookouts where we got a much better view of the outback. We also saw the tiniest little lizard at one of the stops. it was about the size of my little finger.

Lake Hart itself is a huge salt water lake. It was very pretty but we did not head down to look at it. Back on the road it was another 3 hours to Coober Pedy. The road was easy to drive and the few hours passed quickly enough.

We checked into our hotel which is underground and settled in. We decided to do some noodling (looking for opals) and I don’t know how we went with that. We had some dinner and so bizarrely caught up with Ali a friend from Melbourne who was passing through. It is strange the places you meet people.

We went to Riba’s caravan park for a night tour of an opal mine and it was amazing. Jason was the most amazing guide. Telling us about how he mined, what to look for as well as walking us through the caves. It was such an informative tour and it was amazing to listen to someone who is so passionate about what he does.

Tired we headed home for the night.