South Australia - Day 5

Exploring the outback

We woke up to the pitch black of our hotel room. Sleeping underground was definitely an odd experience. It was so hot outside but we braved the heat and headed out to our first stop of the day The Old Timers Mine. This is now a museum however it was an original mining tunnel that got turned into the museum in 1987. It shows you hw the mines used to work and how to find the opal that is still in the caves in places. It then hosts a museum of the town and an original underground home. The place was super interesting. The lady that worked there was also super nice and it was good just to have a chat with her. Anthony got a new uv torch which helps when you are checking if rocks are opal.

After the Old Timers Mine we headed up to the Big Winch. It is a huge lookout over Coober Pedy. It was a great view to see the bizarre nature of Coober Pedy. We only spent a short time up there as it was very hot. We went to the IGA to get some drinks and ended up getting some Out Back hats and other souvenirs.

We went to have lunch back at the hotel in the Crystal Cave which is underground Cafe. It was really cool and a good way to beat the heat. After lunch we went for a walk to see a few things such as the spaceship from Pitch Black and the Coober Pedy sign.

After all of that we went opal shopping. We ended up at the Opal Bug which was this amazing little opal shop in the guys house. He also makes all the statues and things around. He was such a great character and we spent a while in there. We bought a couple of things.

We went and rested before our tour. We headed out with Oasis tours on a sunset tour in the Breakaways. The tour was amazing. George our tour guide took us to the Moon Plains. The Dog Fence which runs 5600km across SA, NSW and QLD and he showed us some of the original posts from 70 years ago. Then George took us to all these amazing spots in the Breakaways. he showed us all the bush food, where the animals go and lastly we saw the last sunset on 2020 over the breakaways with a muffin and a cup of tea. It was amazing. The whole outback around the breakaways is absolutely stunning, very different then normal but amazing.

We finished the night by doing some noodling. Happy 2021 Everyone!!