Top End - Day 9

Territory Wildlife Park

Today we were off to the Territory Wildlife Park which is about 40 minutes out of Darwin. It was sooo hot and humid here today so we took it very easy around the park. We started in the Nocturnal House and saw heaps of really cool animals. I even saw a spotted quoll up close which was amazing.

We then headed to the Bird Show. There were some interesting birds and all of them live in the NT. The barn owl was beautiful.

We went for a walk with the wallabies and wallaroos they were so cute. They let us pat them on the backs.

We jumped onto the free train and managed to join the train doing the dingo talk. The zoo keeper was amazing and so passionate. He was talking about how important Dingoes are to the eco systems and how the south of Australia is suffering since we removed them. As top order predators they manage the other animals but also themselves so they do not become over populated. Listening to him talk about how important they are to the environment was so interesting.

We grabbed some lunch and explored the Aquarium section. It was good but so hot so we decided to head out. We jumped on the free train and went around the zoo. At one of the stops a zoo keeper jumped on with a baby buzzer who he was desensitizing to noise. So the bird rode with us to the end.

After that we did a quick trip to Mick’s Whips to pick up a new wallet for Anthony and then got out of the heat. Last day in Darwin tomorrow.