Top End - Day 8

Aboriginal Culture Day

It was another early morning get up (not as early as yesterday) and we were packed and down at reception ready for our tour at 8 am. At the moment because of the flooded roads Ubirr is blocked off and closed from everyone. We were lucky enough to get a spot on Kakadu cultural tours which are the only ones who can cross some days. We got picked up in a huge 4WD bus and set off for some exciting adventures.

Our guide for today was Trevor who was the most interesting man. The first part was the drive up to Ubirr which involved driving along the road river where the water was up to 1m high. It was so pretty on the sides though. It felt super amazing driving through a part that was inaccessible to others.

We arrived at Ubirr the only people there and went over the safety procedures for out in the bush. Then we were off. Trevor explained the lore and law systems of the aboriginal people and how they believe life intertwines with everything else. I could have listened to him speak all day he was so knowledgeable. Then it was on to the first art galleries. All rock paintings are drawn for a reason, whether it is as a warning, information or a story. They tell other mobs what can be eaten, what is safe and not safe etc.. Most of the art is called xray art and the red ochre is the one that lasts thousands and thousands of years.

We then hiked our way up the the top of Ubirr. It was super hot and super steep but my god the view from the top was amazing!

After a quick snack we headed to the next part of the tour which was a cruise along the East Alligator river between Kakadu and Arnhem land. Robbie was our guide and he explained about all the different plants and their use in aboriginal life. He was amazing. We also got to see Arnhem land which was great.

It was such a great day and we finished it off by heading back to Darwin.