The Red Centre - Day 1

Welcome to Jurrasic Park... I mean Alice Springs

Today it was an easy flight into the Red Centre. We met up with Rob at Melbourne Airport and made it through Mebourne Airport so quickly. Then it was onto the flight which left on time and was quite pleasant. The only thing was when we landed in Alice Springs he hit the ground hard so it was not a very great landing.

There was a part of the flight that was right over the desert and it was really cool seeing all the red sand underneath us. We picked up our rental car, got our bags and the made our way into the city. We stoped to take a photo at the Alice Springs sign so we can prove we made it.

We headed into the CBD and were rally surprised how pretty the drive was. All of us were surprised by how green it was. You sort of followed the railway into town and see some pretty impressive cliffs. We headed to an outback supply shop to get Rob an appropriate outback hat. The guy that owned the store was so lovely and before to long we had a hat for Rob. The afternoon as spent getting some lunch and some supplies and then chilling until our tour tonight,

We decided to head to KFC for dinner. Yes I know thats sounds like a odd place for our first dinner but hear me out. We found a video about the owner of the Alice Springs KFC and hi journey to get a Michelin Star for the restaurant. Please do yourself a favour and google this. Alice Springs KFC Michelin Star. Also besides that delightful story the KFC is the most remote KFC in the world. Either way dinner was chicken! Exactly like the ones back home but with a much better story.

After dinner we drove out to the Alice Springs Desert Park for their nocturnal tour. The tour would take us behind the scenes into the habitats of a lot of native animals. On the drive to the park we saw the most beautiful sunset and the sky was a stunning blue when we arrived. We got ready for the tour and got given cool headlights to wear on our heads.

We arrived at the gates to the habitat and we made a few funny jokes about the electrical fences looking like Jurrasic Park. We entered excited for our tour when the sky literally opened up above us and a huge storm hit. (Just like in Jurrasic Park). The thunder and lightening was crazy as was the torrential rain. We quickly made our way to cover but were saturated by the time we got there. We waited the storm out. There was some of the most impressive thunder and lightening I have ever experienced and then like nothing at all had happened the rain stopped and the storm went further away and we were back on the tour.

We walked through the mud and started looking at animals. The first animal we encounted was a echinda who just wandered up and sniffed every bodies shoes. Not a care in the world. We then saw the beautiful little Mala’s which are exctinct in the wild. They got down to a population of only 27 but now they are back up in the thousands thanks to the breeding programs running in Australia. We saw Bilbies, Bandicoots, Stick Nest Rats, Bettongs and so many other little creatures. They were so cute and some were super close. My favourite were the Bilbies and the little bandicoot.

I unfortunelty couldn’t ghave my camera out cause of the rain so I only have a few not so great photos. Either way the tour was fantastic and well worth it. We got home and had a nightcap of Sno-drop. Which is apparently a drink only found in SA and NT. It tastes like weird Creamy Soda. Anyway its been a big day so I am signing off.