The Red Centre - Day 2

David Attenborough Presents...

“There is no museum or wildlife park in the world that could match it” - Sir David Attenborough

This is the review Sir David Attenborough left after visiting Alice Springs Desert Park which was our first stop for today. This is a huge area of land which has animals that are only found in Central Australia. It is set up into 3 immersive habitats being Sand Country, Woodland and Desert Rivers. Each area is designed as that area would be in the wild with a variety of habitats and exhibits.

When we arrived we were just in time to start heading to the Free Flight Bird show. This took place in the back of the park overlooking the West McDonald Ranges. We got to see a variety of birds including kestrels, parrots, owls and a magpie. There was also a wag tail who was not meant to be part of the show but shows up every day to do some tricks for food.

The show was really good. After it was done we headed around the rest of the park. It was so peaceful walking around there was hardly anyone else in the park. We went into aviaries and noctural house and saw so many animals. I really loved the nocturnal house as we got to see the Mala’s and the bilbies up close. There were also so many little birds and lizards wild in the park.

The other really cool thing is the par has made thier own signs for around the zoo. They are beautful and clear and they have turned these into a book you can buy. It shows all the animals in the central australia region. Of course I got one.

We headed for a quick kebab lunch and then headed back to rest our feet and get some air conditioning. Rob and Anthony must have been tired as before I knew it they were bth asleep on the couch. After a while Rob and I got motivated to go out again whilst Anthony had enough of the heat and stayed home. We headed to the Olive Pink Botanic Gardens. It was really lovely to walk around there. We ended up seeing a wild Red Kangaroo. After our short walk Rob decided we should do the extremely steep and not properly pathed Hill Walk. The walk takes you up the side of the hill to the top where you have a good view around and a chance to see Rock Wallaby’s. After a very steep climb up in the heat we arrived at the top to some beautiful views and some Rock Wallaby’s

We headed back down and went to get Anthony. Our plan was to head to ANZAC Hill to see the sunset over Alice Springs. It was pretty cloudy today but it was still really nice sitting on the hill with the breeze blowing as the sun set over the Western MacDonalds ranges. After that it was a exciting dinner of noodles as we were still full from lunch.