The Red Centre - Day 3

What the Cluck are you looking at...?

Today was a big day of driving as we were travelling from Alice Springs to Uluru. Uluru is about 444km away from Alice Springs. We have been sharing all the driving so far but today Anthony did the whole drive from Alice to Uluru!! Very impressive.

Our firt stop was where Camels Australia was but unfortunetly they were closed. However when we stopped there were a whole flock of wild budgies flying around which was something I really wanted to see. It was amazing watching them fly around and splashing in the water. We had a quick stretch watched the budgies for a bit and then continued to our next stop.

Our next top was about 2 hours from Alice Springs. It is called Erldunda Road House. This place boasts a few things. Firstly It is considered the centre of the centre. Which long story short it is where the goverment hae decided should be the centre as its the center of all the other centres. We got our picture at this centre point. Secondly it has emu’s you can feed. Rob did this and very much enjoyed himself (and nearly lost a hand). Thirdly the have a famous Rooster called Cluck Norris. Anthony really wanted to see him and the staff very nicely let u go around to do that. We also saw a camel and a baby emu.

We had lunch at the roadhouse as well and all got the Outback Stack which was really really good. They also had really cut merch.

Then it was 2 hours and 30 minutes back on the road to get to where we are staying at Lost Camel Hotel. It was a nice drive, good music and for a little while the only song we had was 500 miles. But we made it dropped our stuff of and decided to do a quick sneak peak at Uluru.

Rob drove us down to the lookout and we got our first amazing view of the Rock. Uluru is soo stunning and its amazing how photos do not give you the right size or depth of it. We took some photos and snuck down to the base of it to have a quick look as we are on a tour tomorrow. I will go on about Uluru more then. But for now here is a couple of pics.

After this we came back to get ready for our night tour which was field of light. We got picked up at 8:30 and taken to the field It is a huge art installation with solar lights. I didn’t have high expectations but Anna had told me not to miss it. Luckily I listened to her as it was amazing. We had 45 minutes to walk around and it was just peaceful and beautiful.

Now I better go to sleep as Rob has told me numerous times we are getting pancakes for breakfast so I am assuming he will be very excited in the morning :)