Disney Cruise - Day 1

Off we go Cruising

So the story for this trip actually starts a while ago. Anthony has promised me for years that one day we could go on a Disney cruise as long as it wasn’t in America. I am assuming he thought that was a pretty safe bet that he would never have to go on one. Low and behold Disney announced they were bringing the Disney Wonder Down Under! And so here we are about to sail our first Cruise and our first Disney Cruise.

We were lucky to have been dropped at the port by my parents. We were greeted by many Disney fanatics and many sets of Disney ears but overall a very polite and lovely crowd. People have travelled from all over the world to be on the first cruise from Australia to New Zealand so it’s a very good vibe.

We checked in at the port and went through Customs and security (we had the loveliest customs guy) it was so orderly and organised and before I knew it we were boarding the ship. When you enter a Disney cruise you are announced into the cruise so we walked on to our welcome and got to see captain Mickey mouse waving at us. Now we were armed with many decisions and not much knowledge of what to do. We ended up going to Cabanas which is the buffet we got some food and it wasn’t great.

After we had gotten food we found that out rooms were already ready for us so we got to put our stuff away. We had gotten our room with a balcony so not only is the room really nice but it has a stunning view out to the ocean. We decided to go for a walk around the boat next. We saw lots of the theatres and shops and just tried our best to learn the layout before we left the port. I will say this ship is beautifully themed. At 4 it was time for our mandatory muster drill to practice for emergencies. We were very fortunate that our muster station was inside Animators palace one of the restaurants so we got to sit in comfort to learn what we do in case of emergency. Everyone turned up on time so it was done quickly and effectively and then we all headed upstairs to see the Sail a wave Party as we were leaving port. It was a DJ dance party with the Disney characters and introducing our cruise director Jimmy. Then we were off the start of vacay was here.

We grabbed some extra food and ice-cream and headed back to our room for some deck time. It was lovely. We headed back downstairs at 6 and headed to our first show which was the Golden Mickeys. The golden Mickey’s is a musical awards show that has acts for all different awards like best hero. Best villain etc.. I really loved it and thought it was great and really a Broadway quality show.

It was then time for dinner number 1 which was at Tiana’s and we were introduced to how high quality Disney restaurant food is as well as the service. Normally there is a show at Tiana’s but we are retuning her on Day 5. Disney does rotational dining so you get to go to all the resturants during your cruise. For dinner we had multiple courses all of which were amazing. I had calamari for entree then Mango and Papaya soup which was delicious and then chicken for the main. We managed to eat some of the desert but we were so full by the end. At the start of the Golden Mickeys our Cruise director Jimmy said there are no diets and the motto on the ship is “If you see it eat it”. But I think we took that too seriously.

We returned back to our room to find a sorcerer Mickey hat made on the bed. It is very cool. We settled in for the night and watched the waves for a bit. What a great first day on the ship.