Disney Cruise - Day 2

Wow Trivia is competitive.

After a very relaxing sleep as we were rocked all night. We awoke and started Day 2 on board the Disney Wonder. When you board you get an app which has a whole lot of stuff you can do on board and the schedules of the days. We had gone through and bookmarked a few things that we wanted to do.

In the morning you can tune into Good Morning Disney Wonder which has Jimmy somewhere in the ship talking about what’s going on today and tells you any important information. We watched that to find out the info and then headed up to Cove cafe which is the adults only fancy coffee shop. We got a coffee and a matcha and sat and chilled. It was a nice start to the morning

We then decided to go for a walk and go to crafts in the Crown and Finn pub. It is based off a traditional English pub and has chess and other games. The craft session turned out to be a bit of a disaster as there were too many people and not enough things. After craft we had some chill time on our little balcony and ordered a cheese platter. It was very nice to just relax.

For lunch we opted for the sit down restaurant which was tritons. They like the dinner menu had numerous options of stuff to eat. Anthony and I got the Serrano ham and tomato bread for entree and then Anthony got a burger and I got pasta. Everything was really good. We headed to a learn to draw back at the crown and Fin and learnt to draw BB8. One of Disney’s Imagineers has filmed all different drawing videos which is cool. It was a lot of fun but I will say Anthonys looks much better.

We have decided to give relaxing a go on this cruise so we spent some time reading and hanging on the deck. Anthony fitted in a sneaky nap while I went and found my first cruise duck.

We decided to skip the frozen musical and decided to head to Disney Parks Trivia. We assumed rightly there would not be too many people there so maybe a higher chance of winning . Turns out there were 5 trivia groups. There was this one very competitive girl who kept groaning every time someone walked in. And this other family who ended up winning trivia who were just lovely. We would end up spending much more time with this lovely American/new Zealand family over the next couple of days.

After Trivia we stopped in French Quarter lounge to check out The Shadow man area. Anthony got a mulled wine and I took a couple of photos while it was empty. The French Quater Lounge is an area of the ship where lots of activies take place.

Next we went to the Emperor’s New Game show. Which was based on the emperor’s new groove. It was really cute and had multiple people come up to try games. The first one was Order Up which the two teams (we were team kronk) had to buzz in to try and guess the random order being put in. The second game was charades but you had to squeak like a squirrel. The last game was potion commotion where the people playing had to stack bottles wearing laama gloves. Overall it was pretty hilarious.

We returned to the room and found a towel elephant which was fun before we headed up to dinner. Tonight’s dinner was a Tritons which is based off the little mermaid. The food was amazing! I had fried Brie and it was te best thing ever. This resturant was very beautiful inside and it has this amazing mosaic of the little mermaid. Very cool.

The last thing of tonight is we met up with our American/NZ friends Matthew, Tammy and Jess for Iceslone’s Adult only magic show. We also met some new friends Heather and Andrew from South Australia. Icelone is a Malaysian magician and he was very cool. He performed a few tricks and was actually pretty good. It’s been a busy day but lots of fun.