Disney Cruise - Day 3

Marvel Day at Sea

The day started with a sleep in and a coffee at Cove Cafe. We had a chill there before heading to our first activity of the day which was anyone can cook. We had one of the head chefs demonstrate how to cook lobster ravioli. He made them in front of us while explaining the process and then we got to sample them. It was really great fun.

We then decided to go for a walk to check for cruise ducks. It was cool to walk around and see everyone’s decorated doors and look for cruise ducks. We found 2 of them on the walk. The best bit is while we were walking I said to Anth that I really wanted a selfie with Jimmy our cruise director before the end of the cruise and about 10 minutes later we bumped into Jimmy on the stairs. He was happy to have a selfie with us though. So that was fun.

We met up with Jess for towel folding where a member of the stateroom team came armed with towels in order to teach us how to make towel animals. He taught us 3 main one. We made a swan, an elephant and a monkey. All of these towel animals can be changed slightly to make other animals. It’s was really fun and we had lots of giggles while doing it. We now all have a very useful new talent.

Anthony and I headed to the Art of the Ship Tour. We had a beautiful cast member named Hailey who took us through the ship discussing the art and design choices in the ship. It was actually crazy how much thought has been given to everything. Down to themed carpets and colour choices for everything. The most interesting thing is that everything on board is hand made and not multi produced. The rugs are all made to explain where you are on the ship. It was really informative tour.

We spent some time on the deck just hanging out and reading. Tonights main entertainment was a preview of the new marvel movie The Marvels. It was really good. There was a scene of so many flukens and they were really cute. I also really like Miss Marvel. It was really cool to see a movie premiere on the boat.

When we returned to the room before dinner we were greeted by a towel puppy dog tonight. We sat outside on the balcony and watched the sun set before dinner. We were very blessed to have a balcony this trip.

I was very excited for tonights dinner because we were eating at Animators Palate. We went in and got to see all the cool sketches that decorated the venue. The first thing you have to do when you sit down in the resturant is to draw a character on the playmat. It was really cool. During the main dinner there were many differnent sketches and pictures on the tv so it was also very entertaining.

After dessert it was the main show where all the characters that people drew at the start came alive and joined the disney characters in a song. It was actually very cool. The show signaled the end of dinner but it was so much fun.

Lastly it was Marvel Night so we had a deck party called Heroes Unite. It was a huge show with all the marvel characters coming out to fight Hydra who was lead by Skull Face. There were fireworks tied in with the show and it was really amazing. We got to hang our with Matthew, Tammy and Jess during the show so that was extra fun! It was a really great day.