Japan Day 9

Pretty snowfalls in Sapporo

Well after a sleep in after last nights issues we were very slow to get moving. I decided to go downstairs and brave the icy footpaths to get coffee and breakfast from 7/11. I will say the view this morning with Sapporo all covered in snow was really a sight to be seen.

Our first stop was to make our way towards Sapporo Beer Factory and Garden. We had to work our way to the bus stop but we discovered quickly that while snow is fine to walk on the ice and black ice on the roads is super slippery. Anthony took about 5 steps out fof the hotel and fell on his butt crossing the road. I have been making very careful small steps as I do not need to have another head injury.

We found the bus stop and worked out how to take it to the garden. It was fairly easy. As we were driving we got to see how much snow was around. The cars were just covered and the cars driving around had icicles hanging from the bottom. As we arrived it started snowing lightly and it was so pretty. We walked towards the factory ad it was such a pretty building they still making Sapporo beer here so there are a few buildings around. We took some pictures of the grounds and then headed into reception to check in for lunch.

I had Prebooked lunch at the Sapporo Beer Garden. You get Genghis Khan for lunch with unlimited Sapporo Drinks. Genghis Khan (Mongolian barbecue) is a Hokkaido local dish that consists of grilling mutton and vegetables on a special grill that has a raised mound in the center. The grill is meant to look like Genghis Khan’s hat. Lunch was amazing it was also in the room where the huge vat is.

After lunch it was snowing more. We played in the snow for a little bit before taking the bus back to the hotel as we needed more clothes. On the last walking part back to the hotel it really starting snowing and it was so light and fluffy and just beautiful.

We decided to ride the Street Car train around to get a bit of a view. We ended up taking it around to Odori Park to go and see the JR Tower. We spent the rest of the night walking around before coming back to the hotel to get some washing done.