Japan Day 10

There is a fine line between rain and snow

We started today with a quick trip down to Tokyu Hands which is a department store where Anthony likes to look for Japanese tools. He was looking for a few today so we had had a browse around the store. It is a pretty cool store he got some hammers and mallets and then we had to go drop them back at the hotel. We have done a scary amount of shopping this trip.

We then headed back out to start our trip to Otaru. The train ride was super cool. It was hard to get photos out the windows but we had beautiful views of the mountains and then the ocean. When we arrived in Otaru it was snowing.

We headed down to the canals first and had to stop at Lawson as the snow swapped to rain. We saw the old train line that runs through the town. The road crossings were super slippery so it was super slow walk down.

The amazing canals were so pretty. Hanging off half of the old warehouses were the craziest looking icicles. Otaru canal was built in 1923, the canal was used as a maritime transport route for the city. Nowadays the old stone warehouses that border the canal are cafes and restaurants. The other really cool things about this area is it is known for glass making so that all the lamps along the canal are gas glass lamps. Eitherway the area is beautiful. I also took the time down there to make a snow duck!

For lunch we got out of the rain and found a tiny little Mum and Pop ramen shop. The store had 11 seats and the guy that was making the ramen took such care. I got the Sapporo ramen which is a miso broth butter ramen and it was so good!

Next we spent some time going into multiple glass shops. Everything is handmade in Otaru and is so beautiful. We bought some chopstick rests and I got a glass snow man. You cannot take many pictures in these stores so I only have a few to show you.

The other thing Otaru is known for is its music boxes so we headed down to the Music box museum. On the way we saw the steam clock that is really cool. At the music box museum we wandered through what would have had to have been 100 different types of music boxes all with different music and different styles. We did pick up some presents here.

We walked through the rain back to the station and started the 45 min journey back to the hotel. We found a place called beard papa which sold the most amazing custard cookies and we got a gong cha and then rested until our late dinner time.

The last thing tonight was dinner and we both wanted to try a Kaisendon which is a sashimi rice bowl. They are meant to be super amazing here. After looking up resturats I found a cute little place the was decribed as cosy but really amazing and it was hidden up on a second floor. We walked down and found the resturant which only had 4 seat. Luckily for us a couple was leaving as we were coming in so we sat down and had the best sashimi I have ever had. I has salmon and tuna both amazing! Anthony had the same but also tried yellowfin. Such a great end to today.