Japan Day 11

Temple visit in the snow

Today we decided to see more of Sapporo instead of heading out on a day trip. Our first stop was going to be Sapporo Shrine. When we left the hotel it was snowing and it was so snowing so beautifully. Every snowflake that landed on us was so soft that you could see its whole pattern. It was very hard to get a picture of but it was so beautiful.

We walked through Maryuama Park, it was so beautiful in the snow but so slippery. We followed people through the park to get to the shrine. While walking through the park it was snowing the whole time, people were making snow art and snowmen it was such a pretty place.

We arrived at the shrine and joined many people completing their New Year visit to the shrine. We got our fortunes and lucky charms for the year and explored the grounds.

Outside of the temple grounds there was a festival with heaps of food, hot sake and drinks. Anthony stopped at so many stops to get food we had warm sake, sausage, dumpling bread and banana chocolate. I love these little festivals.

We decided to head back to Odori station to get a Hokkadio cheese tart. These are available in Melbourne but we thought we should have one in the place they originated. It was really really good. From here we decided to walk to the fish market as Anthony needed to try a snowcrab rice bowl. We found a tiny restaurant and watched the man make our rice dishes in front of us. It was so good!

After a delicious lunch we headed to the TV tower. This is an observation deck in downtown Sapporo which has an amazing view of the city. We spent some time up here having a look at the beautiful view (and keeping warm). We did some shopping and I won a toy on my first go of a claw machine so we know I still have the claw machine skills.

We went back to rest for a bit before going out to get dinner at Ramen Street. It was another teeny restaurant but man the food was good. Sapporo has been so good!