Japan Day 12

Down to Osaka!

We were up early to get back to Sapporo airport to catch a plane to Osaka. It has been a really great time in this city. We arrived at the airport what we thought was early enough to have a calm airport experience however the airport was so busy it was ridiculous. By the time we got in the line to drop off the baggage we were very concerned about getting on the plane. In the end it took so long that we had to be puled out of the main line, rush through security and get straight onto the plane. Bloody crazy!

After a 2 hour flight we arrived in Osaka and headed to our accomodation. Its nice to be back in Osaka and man is Osaka Metro better then Tokyo Metro.

While we were on the train earlier Anthony saw a Nintendo shop bag so we decided to head there. Lets just say we spent a lot of money between here and another shop called Tokyu Hands. Anthony has said that I need to say that the metroid merch was very disapointing.

We had tickets to a the Team Lab Osaka exhibit which is an art installment in Nagai Park. The descriptions of Team LAbs is this teamLab is an international art collective that brings together art, science, technology, and nature. Through their work they seek to transcend the boundaries of the self and to find new ways of perceiving the world around us. teamLab’s art project Digitized Nature at Nagai Botanical Garden explores how non-material digital technology can turn nature into art without harming it, creating a space where human perception expands from the artwork itself to the environment.

It was really amazing. We went through a few different sections of amazing art and nature. It was so beautiful.

We headed back to grab some dinner. We had sushi and it was pretty good. We needed to get an early start so we headed straight to bed.